The end of an argument or discussion should be, not victory, but enlightenment

Joseph Joubert (1754 - 1824)

Medical Ethics

Do the right thing. Sounds easy enough but it isn’t. Whether its abortion, end of life care or resource allocation, everyone has an opinion about what is right or wrong. Each argument sounding reasonable, but which one is right?

Moral Philosophy or ‘ethics’ as it is generally known is the study of the processes, and people, which constitute the maintenance of health for human beings

Medical ethics is the application of ethical reasoning to medical decision-making. It is concerned with critical reflection about ‘norms or values, good or bad, right or wrong, an what ought or ought not to be done in the context of medical practice.

In this section, I have included several links to different areas of medical ethics. As time goes by this section will extend. Please feel free to send any comments or links that you would like me to add.

The navigation section will offer several links of interest to not just students of medical ethics but the general public as an introduction to the complexity of healthcare delivery within ethical boundaries.

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